Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Check open source software versions used in a ASA image

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However, if you are trying to find the OpenSSL version for an ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance), you can determine this version from the ASA release notes. Simply examine the "Open Source" notes that are located in the release notes of the particular ASA image you are concerned with. For example, from the ASA 8.4 release notes, you will find a section titled "Related Documentation", which has a link that points to "ASA Series Documentation". From there, you will find a link for "Open Source License". That will take you to an "Open Source" page which reveals that the OpenSSL version that runs on the ASA 8.4 code is "0.9.8f"

So for ASA v9.0

Release notes:
Related Documentation:
Open Source Licences for v9.0:


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