Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Installing Meedios 0.6.9

See my previous my post for screenshots and a more detail description.

1) Download and install meedios

Multiple installs of meedios can run in parallel if you make sure to set the install directories correctly. As meedios upgrades still not implemented well I would suggest that you change the default install directory to c:\meedios.0.6.9 and accept all the default options.

Then allow the first time configuration wizard to run and set the appropriate paths for Movies and TV shows. I don't use anything else so everything else (Music / Photos) was turned off.

Then don't let MeediOS startup and let the installer finish.

2) Fix some annoyances (aka default settings)

a)  Speed up
Step 3 from the post above but do not turn off control point and External Player

b) External Player
 Setup Extenal play properties in the external player fulltime plugin

c) Turn of weather importing

Head over to the library and disable the hourly import

d) Remove New overlay

Follow step 13 in the above post.

e) Change to smaller font
This allows you to have bigger text labels for menu items, ie by default "Bollywood" does not fit.

Follow step 12 in the above post.

3) Manual run of importers

If you let the installer in step one continue it will start up MeediOS and in the background start importing all the files and download the meta data. I tried this but found that a few of my movies were missing posters. I think manually running the importers with the "Google scraper" as a catch all seems to work best.


So start the configuration program and click on libraries and then select the movies database. (Step 7a from the post above). Then click on the "Import Data" importer and then click click on "Advanced MovieData Settings" and add the google scraper to Posters data type.

Now run all the importers in the correct order

TV Shows (Step 9 from the post above)
Run all the importers in the correct order, all the default setting seem to work fine

4) Kids Menu
Follow step 8 in the above post.

5) Bollywood Menu
 Follow step 5 in the above post.

6) World Movies
 Follow step 6 in the above post.

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