Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Using FEBE to backup Fast Dial settings

I have found a new way to export my Fast Dial configuration from on PC to another on a regular basis. My previous blog about how do migrate the fast dial settings turned out to work all the time.

The only problem i have is the FEBE is too wordy, i.e. its got too many tabs and options. It has been simplified so much that finding the most used options is really hard. For example look at the first image below, why is the Quick Backup option and Perform Backup option at either end of the list. Also why are there two of them? You should only need Backup and then two sub-options. The same goes with Restore: one menu item with three options.

1) Add FEBE extension to firefox

 Once this extention has been added and firefox restarts, you will find all the FEBE options here:

2) Back the profile from the "source" firefox

Open the FEBE Options menu and then select "What to backup" and enabled everything.

Then click "Where to backup" and set the destination folder then click ok.

 To then perform the backup click on Firefox -> Backup Utilities -> FEBE -> Perform Backup.
3) Restore the profile into the destination firefox

Open the "Restore Profile" menu on the destination firefox.

Then click "select the local backup to restore" and point it to the profile backed up in step 2. Click on "create new profile" and then finally restore to to this profile using "Start profile restore".

Finally you need to click on "Firefox start options" and get it to start with the new profile.

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